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leave me alone! [10 Nov 2006|11:08pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i feel sick as fuck. bye

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eek. [08 Nov 2006|01:11pm]
[ mood | high ]

Sup my sexy CHAD, I havent posted on anyones before but your the special one. school is so boring!! eek. ****SORRY I CHANGED THE FACES I JUST LIKE MY HIGH ONE :D**** <3333333

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stolen! [05 Nov 2006|09:01pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

1) Name: chad
2) Birthday: 11-ten-85
3) Zodiac Sign:
4) Sex: male
5) What Time Is It? 8:48 PM

Last Person Who...
6) Called You - phil
7) Slept In Your Bed - sam..well, on my couch
8) Saw You Cry - i do not know
9) Made You Cry - whytney
10) Spent The Night At Your House - sam
11) You Shared A Drink With - phil
12) You Went To The Movies With - sam
13) You Went To The Mall With - sam
14) Yelled At You - phil
15) Sent You An Email - buster
16) Said They Were Gonna Kill You - phil

Have You Ever...
16) Taken A Picture Of Yourself With A Milk Mustache And Sent It to The Milk People? cant say i have
17) Said "I Love You" And Meant It? kinda..sorta
18) Gotten Into A Fight With Your Dog/Cat/Bird/Fish/Etc.? fuckin right!
19) Been To New York? nope, but i might go there to skate it for spring break...ill come visit you tairyn!
20) Been To Florida? nope
21) California? no
22) Hawaii? nuh uh
23) Mexico? no way
24) China? hell no
25) Canada? i wish
26) Danced Naked? nope
27) Dreamed Something Really Crazy And Then It Happens The Next Day? yep..it was freaky
28) Stalked Someone? not really
29) Had A Mud Bath? that would be awesome..but no
30) Wished You Were The Opposite Sex? yep
31) Had An Imaginary Friend? actually..no
32) What Time Is It? you already asked me that fuckhead!
33) Apples Or Bananas? apples
34) Red Or Blue? red
35) Backstreet Boys Or N Sync? n'sync
36) WalMart Or Target?
37) Spring Or fall? fall
38) Santa Or Rudolph? prancer..he made fun of rudolph :)
39) Math Or English? english...DIE MRS. MORGAN! EVIL BITCH!
40) What Are You Going To Do After You Finish this? keep talking to my friends, and play some more THPS 3
41) What Was The Last Food You Ate? curious george fruit snacks
42) High School Or College? to far ahead
43) Are You Bored? nope, im talking to tairyn...and sam, and ren, and anthony
44) How Many Of Your Buddies are on? 12
45) Last Movie You Saw? bio-dome
46) Last Noise You Heard: stereomud

47) Laughs The Weirdest? i do not know
48) Will Grow Up And Be A Model? no idea
49) Going To Have The Most Kids? you
50) Have You Known The Longest? pat
51) Loudest? phil
52) Is The Quietest? not me
53)Ever had sex? nope
54) how many times? i said no!
55) Who Is The Funniest? sam
56) Who Is The Moodiest? ren
57) Who Can You Tell Most Of Your Secrets to? nobody now...they dont ever get online anymore
58) Who Do You Usually Go To About All Of your problems? nobody..again

The Last Few Questions...
60) Last Time You Went Out Of State? illinois, for the oleander/tantric concert :D!
61) Lucky number? 13
62) Things You Like In A Girl/Guy? lots of different things
63) Weirdest Thing About You? my hair
64) Do you have crush on someone? yeah
65) Do they know it? probobly
66) Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? nah, im not cool enough
67) What's his/her name i said no ASSHOLE! stop making fun of me!

stereomud..is like, my new favorite band!

-[ 1 broken wrist | hardflip the gap ]-

people suck [05 Nov 2006|05:57pm]
[ mood | weird ]

school was so fucking awesome today! i got to school, and rynn took me, so we got me an ID badge, and we tried to get his schedule. but, he apperently had to talk to mr. johnson, our principal. so we sat outside his office, and tried to avoid him, it worked once. but then we walked around forever, ''trying to get'' our schedules..so finally i went to algebra, for 10 minutes, then i met ren at the library, and we started to walking. lets remember, i dont have a 2nd block, and he doesnt have a first block. so we saw cody, and we decided, okay, cody's cool, so he came with us. we tried to go to binh tay, but they didnt open until 11, so we walked to the rickshaw, another chineese place, they didnt open until 11. so then we went to the mudhouse..prices are mad fucking high, and they dont serve lunch until, 11 too. so then we went to stick it, and looked at bongs..they have a six-footer! we were all like =X. so then we decided, hey, weve never had sushi before, but, they didnt open until 11:30, so fuck that plan. then cody says hardees is way down the road. so we start walking. it was hella far down the road, and we decided to go to taco bell. Mmmmm. so we start walking back, and the walk back seemed shorter for some reason, so we walked down into the trade center, and sat there for a few minutes, and me and ren decided we wanted to sit in the ice place, cause its cold, and cody just left, so me and ren, then decided we were gonna go ice skating during second block tomorrow. :) so then i go back to english, and shes like ''you need to get a pass'' so i go get one, and the ladys like ''why are you late?'' and im like, ''i fell asleep in the library'' so that excuse worked. and it was a sub secratary, so it will work again. so i was in that class for about 30 minutes, and then lunch came, so i skipped lunch, and went and hung out with ren, at the library. thats always fun. so then i came to world history, and i told mr. bremmer i quit, and he said he would pass me and shit. thats awesome. so i slept in that class...cause im obviously gonna pass. then school let out, and me and ren came back here, and he played THPS 3, and he loves it, and hes gonna get a PS2. and now were sitting here. i want my friend tairyn to get on..cause shes so awesome. she explained to me that if your in a blanket alone..that you would get lonely..and that you need somebody in it with you. but she wont get on :( she skates too. im gonna go now

<333333 tairyn

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what the fuck dude?! [04 Nov 2006|07:43pm]
[ mood | awake ]

okay, im sitting here, watching toy story 2, and this commercial comes on, and its singing about goldfish, and it says ''the snack that smiles back, until you bite there heads off'' i was like ''what the fuck?!''

anyways, back to my movie, i just thought this was update worthy

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cougar or the bear?! [04 Nov 2006|06:35pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

if a cougar and a bear fought, who would win?! anyways, i did a big huge post at anthonys, but it apperently didnt post, so im not gonna re-type all that bullshit. today i went to the mall with sam, and that was alot of fun..i think. but now im watching toy story 2 on ABC. gonna go!

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jesus christ sucks [04 Nov 2006|05:55pm]
[ mood | angry ]

im so sick of stupid people and there big mouths. and if you instant message me, im not even gonna explain it

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concerts own all of us [31 Oct 2006|03:41pm]
[ mood | awake ]

ah man, i was mad at drowning pool, for selling out...really, really bad, but a few weeks ago, i put there CD in, and i realized i cant stay mad at them. and seeing them in concert last night was completely fucking awesome. adema was really, really good, and so was stereomud..i bought there CD. but, im back now..and that was an awesome concert. but im i/ming anthony..but no response. i think tonight, phil wants me to videotape us skating and shit. so i think ima miss hockey practice one more time tonight. and i just put in the stereomud CD. so far, its good. but, im about to go. so later. oh, and ren...GO TO SCHOOL!

a dry crack is a happy crack.

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wake me up! [29 Oct 2006|11:44pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

yep, today was so much fucking fun. we went to school, and it was all fine until 3rd block, when i got a referral, so now, one more, and i get OSS. (OSS is fun) then, fourth block, richard runs his mouth, and we have to talk to the goddamn principal. oh, and hes stolen some naytee-style...khaki shorts, with long socks. so then i go hang out with ren and nathan at the square, while we wait for the concert, and while were watching the bands soundcheck, jabe from darwins waiting room, walks by, and we started talking to him, and we talked to him for twenty minutes, and then met more of the band. it turns out, all of the band skates, or is gonna start skating. so, then we get into the concert, and the first band sucked, i think ther name was ''happy endings'' never! EVER! buy there CD. then darwins waiting room played, and they kicked ass. then reveille played, and they were so fucking good. then primer 55 played, it started out all good, but then the pit god mad-insane, and i was in the middle of it, and got hit in the jaw, and it started bleeding..but it was awesome. then me and ren started causing trouble, like playing pool with beer-bottles, and kicking them. now im home, and im about to get some marshmallow alphabits cereal. oh, and summer, and dick-face, remember this, shit talkers eat a fat dick (<3 to hed pe for that one)

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i love geoff rowley [28 Oct 2006|10:49pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

okay, im about to go to bed, but tomorrow, starts a long, awesome week. tomorrow, after school, reveille, primer 55, and darwins waiting room. tuesday, in st louis, after school, drowning pool, adema. so on haloween, ima be so fucked over by all this, but you know what? i dont care, im getting candy. no, im not gonna dress up, im just gonna randomly knock on peoples door. not to get candy, but, just to knock, and watch the stupid people give me candy, when i dont even intend to get it. goodnight people.

<3 to nathan, ren, and anthony

<^> richard

-[ hardflip the gap ]-

figthing is infact fun [28 Oct 2006|09:57pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

tomorrow, i think ima fight richard, and if he does do shit,i think i have enough people to get my back. so if your still over st sluts house richard, and you read this, you better think before you do anything stupid.

-[ hardflip the gap ]-

nathans printer doesnt work [03 Nov 2001|05:57pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i just realized, i havent posted in a long time...since like before haloween. so, i went over to phils on haloween, and we skated, and taped us getting kicked out of places, and spilling drinks at mcdonalds. haloween was fun..but i dont remember much about it. then i had school, and i was in ISS and got kicked out two days in a row for whistleing, but i dont know how to whistle. and then, thursday, i bout tony hawks pro skater 3 for PS2, and spent the night at nathans. that was fun. krispy kreme doughnuts rule! and friday, i went home after school, but i was supposed to skate with adrien, but he decided to not show up. so then phil came over, and we went and picked up anthony, and went to classic, then got dropped off to skate downtown. so were waxing central, and skating it, and i fall on my head, and tailbone. so then we go get subway, and go to the trade center, and somebody put the curbs back, but didnt wax them, so phil waxed them, and im boardsliding alot, then i fakie it, and the board slipped out from under me, and i landed, over the curbes, and i thought my back broke, and i bruised my tailbone so bad, it hurts to even walk. so me and phil spent the night at anthonys, and weve played THPS 3 ALL day. and now im done updating

-[ 1 broken wrist | hardflip the gap ]-

[28 Oct 2001|04:42pm]
[ mood | silly ]

thanks for the journal and HTML ren. <3333

-[ hardflip the gap ]-

[28 Oct 2001|07:29am]
[ mood | blank ]

man. today has been fucked up. first, i spent the night at anthonys last night, and i had a crazy dream about whytney, so now im all thinking about her again. and then, we went skating with tyler, and we had a really bad day of skating. then, nathan tells me im going to adema, and tomorrow, im going to see reveille, darwins waiting room, and primer 55. hopefully phil shows up. well, ive had enough typing in this.

-[ 1 broken wrist | hardflip the gap ]-

skipping [17 Feb 1999|10:21pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

wee! me and micheal are skipping school..we went to stick it and shit. they have the coolest bong..its a gas mask, with a bong on the end. oh well, time to go!

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